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Photo Designer 31155

Author: bygfx on 22-01-2015, 16:39
Photo Designer 31155

Photo Designer 31155
Photoshop ATN | 666 Kb

Photo enhancements have never been easier. With the click of a button, you can instantly transform your image to one that is unique and powerful.

We have developed a specialized collection of actions that replicates common (and not-so-common) filters and dark room techniques. Our Photo Designer Suite gives you the power to change the entire mood, color, and focus of your image to exactly how you want it to be.

Vintage includes both cool and warm actions, transforming any photo you capture in a way that both compliments the mood and brings out the inner beauty of an otherwise bland color palette. Skewed colors and increased contrast dominate this action set – they can take an ordinary image to an entirely new level, setting them apart from the crowd.

- Vanilla Cream
- Warm
- SX-70
- Classic
- Blue Dawn
- Nostalgia

The Vignette set is a powerful collection of custom vignette actions, allowing you to fine tune the focus of your image by drawing attention where you want it to be. While this effect can be achieved in-camera, a post-process vignette is both customizable and reversible – and having a vignette as an action allows you to apply it in one simple step.

Also included is Intense Vignette action set which uses the vignette workflow to burn your edges instead of underexposing them – this will increase your saturation to get a truly dramatic image.

The Vignette set will work with any resolution image – meaning that no matter how many pixels you have in your photo, Union Actions has you covered for an accurate, well-replicated vignette.

- Vignette (Lite),
- Vignette (Medium),
- Vignette (Heavy),
- Intense Vignette (Lite),
- Intense Vignette (Medium)
- Intense Vignette (Heavy)

The Tone collection is a comprehensive set of 14 different actions. From the traditional sepia to the rare replication of selenium, you have a unique and powerful set of actions at your fingertips.

Included in the Tone collection is a series of split tone actions, which subtly tint the highlights of your image in one color, and the shadows in another. This effect can be more dramatic than simply changing all the tones of your image to one uniform color, and is a popular alternative.

- Sepia
- Selenium
- Palladium
- Green
- Blue
- Cyanotype
- Red
- Magenta
- Split Tone – Blue Copper
- Split Tone – Sepia Highlights
- Split Tone – Sepia Cyan
- Split Tone – Golden Cyan
- Split Tone – Golden Green
- Split Tone – Blues

Lens Filters:
Lens Filters contain actions that replicate some of the most popular filters in photography. This allows you to apply these effects in post process, giving you more time to focus on capturing your photo. Whether filters are too expensive for your budget or you simply forgot to bring them along, these high-quality actions have got you covered.

- Graduated Neutral Density (sky enhance)
- Graduated Neutral Density (ground enhance)
- Infrared
- Infrared – touch of color
- Polarizing

Light Leak:
Another fantastic film technique that we has replicated is the Light Leak set – adding a raw and gritty streak of light to your digital photo. In film, light leaks occur when a small hole or gap allows light to “leak” in and overexpose parts of your negative – and many photographers do this intentionally for its powerful effect.

The Light Leak set comes with eight different actions – each applying a light leak to a different partof your image (top, bottom, upper corners, etc.). This allows you to add an authentic light leak to the area that makes the most sense for your particular photo.

Toy Camera (Lomo):
Lomography (lomo for short) is exploding in the photography world – and it’s easy to see why. Named after the Lomo Kompakt Automat from Russia, this experimental film camera technique has quite the cult following – but this process has now has been replicated for the digital photographer.

The Toy Camera lomo actions increase saturation, adds authentic-looking film grain, and softens the focus to create a truly outstanding work of art.

The lomo fun doesn't stop with color – this action set also comes with a black and white version for tone-rich images that have bright highlights and deep shadows.

- Lomo (Low Res)
- Lomo (Medium Res)
- Lomo (High Res)
- Black & White Lomo (Low Res)
- Black & White Lomo (Medium Res)
- Black & White Lomo (High Res)


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Photo Designer 31155

Photo Designer 31155

Photo Designer 31155

Photo Designer 31155

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