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Register an account Prefiles to fast and easy download file!

Author: psdkeys on 29-10-2019, 08:39
Register New Account Prefiles : (Please help us do this to maintain)

*Step 1*
Important: If you already had on old account Prefiles somewhere, please open browser to logout it frist. And prepare a brand new email.

*Step 2*
Then click our banner Prefiles on website p s d k e y s . c o m or via this link
to Register New Account Prefiles(Please help us: Don't login old account prefiles and Use new email to register).

*Step 3*
Upgrade your Prefiles account to Premium : 30days 60days 90days 180days 360days

When you done or Error, please send email to [email protected]

P/S: You only need to register Prefile account through our banner 1 time. After your account expired, just click on Plan & Pricing to extend your premium. You don't need to create a new account.

If you're using Prefiles account premium to download, please contact [email protected]. We will set you to group Vip to access full Vip source.

Best Regards,

Request your link mirror part 3

Author: psdkeys on 5-11-2018, 00:38
Request your link mirror part 3
Updated 9-9-2019

Many New Member Spam, We closed comment for Group Member.

This artilce only for Vip Member and Vip Premium.

If you want to need comment and reupload or mirror, please contact : [email protected]